“Hooray For Doubt” – Sermon June 18

Matthew 28:16-20   “Hooray for Doubt” – Sermon by Rev. Allan Bash


There are many great passages in scripture about faith.

Hebrews 11 is maybe the most famous:  “ faith is the assurance of things hoped for;

the certainty of things not seen.”

There is very little said about doubt except in a negative way.

The story about the father who asks Jesus to heal his                                           child.

“I believe, help, thou, my unbelief.”

The admonition in James:  “Whoever doubts can be tossed                                by wind and waves.”


Now before I go too far this morning, I want to tell you where I’m headed.

Faith gives us a secure place to stand:  This I know.

Doubt helps us grow:  I don’t believe that anymore.


Long before I joined the Church, I began to question certain things.

“Eggs come from chickens, not rabbits.”

“I don’t think 8 reindeer and a sleigh can land on that pitched                            roof.”


Let me offer some examples beyond childhood.


I grew up in the Christian Church, DoC.  You make your confession of faith, get baptized, and you’re in.

When I was in college, the pastor asked a friend if he believed and he said “NO.”

The pastor said, “On that your confession of doubt, we welcome you into the fellowship.”


Several years ago I read an article in the Smithsonian Magazine about black holes.

What caught my attention were the words:  Dark Energy.

Dark Energy was not a negative, not bad, not evil.  Just doesn’t give                  any light.

Dark Energy is doubt.  Not negative, not bad, not evil.  Just doesn’t                  give any light.


Marcus Borg’s “Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time”

Bryan McLaren:  Doubt moves us to a more authentic relationship                    to Ultimate Reality.

Faith gives us a secure place to stand.

But doubt helps us grow!



The other picture that gets overlooked is that both worshipers and doubters are gathered together.

This is why we always say:  no matter who you are or where you are                         on life’s journey,

You are welcome here.