What are we singing this Sunday?

COGS Chancel Choir

COGS Chancel Choir

LINKS to the current Music Schedule and to Recordings of Music that we will be singing.

Page updated:  May 21, 2018

Links to the  Choir Schedule  and Listening Links (pdf files) below:
Rehearsal start time:  
6:45 pm Women’s Ensemble or Men’s Choral.
7:30 pm  Chancel Choir 
7:00 pm if just the Chancel Choir is rehearsing

Summer 2018 Ensemble rehearsals

LINKS TO UPCOMING ANTHEMS (for specific Sundays)

Non Nobis page 6 to the end – created by Linda Gilmour
“Non Nobis” – Anglea
OR (same recording)
“My Good Lord’s Done Been Here” arr. Andre Thomas
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohsxff1AKOI (Andre Thomas conducts an All State Choir. He talks for about 3-4 minutes before they actually sing but at least you get the feel of the song from the arranger.)
A more effective performance without drums directed by Anton Armstrong (performed in my home town-:)
Women’s Ensemble
Sing to Me – Ramsey (SA)
You Are My Music – Farnell (SSA) 
(Not quite the whole piece, but enough. There are school versions on youtube)