What are we singing this Sunday?

COGS Chancel Choir

COGS Chancel Choir

LINKS to the current Music Schedule and to Recordings of Music that we will be singing.

Page updated:  March 6, 2018

Links to the  Choir Schedule  and Listening Links (pdf files) below:
Rehearsal start time:  
6:45 pm Women’s Ensemble or Men’s Choral.
7:30 pm  Chancel Choir 
7:00 pm if just the Chancel Choir is rehearsing

Preparations for Easter (April 1)  – starting March 22   
7:00 pm Rehearsals for full Chancel Choir 


Schedule March-Apr. 15, 2018 rev. 2.26

LINKS TO UPCOMING ANTHEMS (for specific Sundays)

You may need to scroll or click on the actual link to play. The one from JW Pepper requires a little brain work–you’ll want the SATB version.  The Gjeilo link is easy, but you need to scroll down a little to find it.

For Men’s Chorale

“Pie Jesu.” – Andrew Lloyd Webber  (March 11)
(not quite the whole song)  from the publisher’s website. On the right side of the screen you will need to click the “Sample Audio.”

“O Lux Beatissima” – Helvey TTBB  (March 11 – replaced by “Pie Jesu” – see above)

For Chancel Choir

Festival Sanctus (March 25)

Across the Vast Eternal Sky (April 1)

“Part predominant tracks. Please download your part. Happy practicing! –Linda”
.               Part predominent – Across the Vast Eternal Sky