Sign-up for Family Promise – July 9 -16, 2017

Family Promise is here!  (week of July 9-16, 2017).  There is a sign up board in the hall.
Thank you for your support!!  More photos here!

Dish-washing time at Family Promise at COGS July 11, 2017

Our church is hosting Family Promise July 9-16, 2017.  Three or four homeless families are housed in our church four weeks each year. A new group of families arrives at our church on Sunday July 9.  The families are staying in the (class) rooms on the lower floor for a week. They leave again on Sunday July 16.

You can volunteer by providing a meal, driving the van, visiting with the guests, or being an overnight host. You are very important to the success of the program. You will be blessed and receive much more than you give.  Our partner church is unable to help us this summer so COGS is doing this “solo”.  Please sign up!  You may sign the sign-up sheets on the poster board that will be displayed in the hallway or contact the church office (505) 856-1004 M-F 10 am- 2 pm.