Welcome to COGS!  (Church of the Good Shepherd)

Visiting a Church for the first time can be intimidating.

  • What will the worship service be like?
  • What if I am not accepted?
  •  What if I am too conservative?  Or too liberal?  Or too progressive?
  • What if I don’t even know if I am a Christian?

We want you to know that you are welcome at COGS — no matter where you are on life’s journey.  But we would like to help you prepare for your first visit, so have provided these frequently asked questions, and answers, to help make you feel more comfortable your first time visiting us.  Read on!

Visiting Church of the Good Shepherd

You can see our Church from Tramway Blvd. NE, but our address is 7834 Tennyson Dr NE. We are 1 block west of Tramway. Turn onto Tramway Terrace, then turn right on Tennyson St. NE. Enter the parking lot from Tennyson. Contact us for more information.
YES! We provide childcare for children ages 5 and younger during our worship services, but many of our members choose to bring their children with them to the service. We provide bags filled with books, crayons, paper, and soft toys that children can take to their seats, and there is a kid-friendly table at the back of the sanctuary where children can sit and color or play. We also always include a children's message before the sermon.
Enter the Church from the paved parking lot, through the double glass doors. Our sanctuary is directly to your right. You will probably be greeted by an usher, who may ask you if it is your first time to visit us.
You should wear what makes you feel most comfortable! You will see folks in blue-jeans, suits, sports coats, dresses, shorts, and slacks (depending on the season--but not necessarily!)
If it is your first time to visit COGS (Church of the Good Shepherd), you may be asked to sign our guest book. And at the beginning of service, you will be invited to raise your hand, so that we might give you a present. We won't ask you to stand up or introduce yourself. We keep it pretty low key!
Our summer services are usually about an hour long, as are our 11AM services. During the school year, the 9AM service is usually 45 minutes.
We celebrate Communion on the first Sunday of every month. All are welcome to participate. There are no requirements for membership or beliefs. We serve grape juice and gluten free bread so that everyone can share in the sacrament. We do Communion by intinction, which means people come forward, receive a piece of bread, and dip it in the juice. There are no "magic words" to say in response - you can say "thank you," "Amen," something else, or nothing at all. If you have mobility challenges or would like to remain seated for whatever reason, we will bring communion to you.
During the "school year" (Sunday after Labor Day to the Sunday before Memorial Day), we have two worship services: 9AM and 11AM. The 9AM service is smaller, a bit more intimate, less formal, and includes music from our band (drums, guitar, bass). The 11AM service is larger, includes more liturgy, and typically includes music from hymns, organ and piano, choirs, and bells. From Labor Day to Memorial Day, we have one worship serve at 10AM. The service is somewhat informal and includes hymns and special music from a variety of musicians and ensembles. The summer worship service is usually a sweet blend of both styles.
Sunday School classes for all ages are offered at 10AM during the school year (Sunday after Labor Day - Sunday before Memorial Day). Children's classes are divided into sections by age and grade, and several adult classes are offered at once. During the school year, there is also a youth group that meets every other Friday called "Friday Night Lights." In the summer, our children's and youth classes take a break, but our Adult Contemporary Theology class meets at 9AM.
We have a Worship Leader every Sunday that guides people through the service. In addition, ushers hand out paper bulletins, which list each part of the service.