In memory of B.D. Shafer

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you make a donation to the new sound system at Church of the Good Shepherd. The celebration with be at Church of the Good Shepherd, 7834 Tennyson St. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87122 at 10 am on Saturday, February 24, 2018.

Donations can be made online HERE!
You will be directed to our  secure Online “SquareUp” Donation link for BD’s memorial fund.

Donations can also be made directly to Church of The Good Shepherd.  Please indicate in the Memo Field of your check that you wish to have your donation made in memory of BD Shafer.

We Celebrate the Life of B.D. Shafer

We have deep gratitude for the life of B.D. Shafer and would like to invite you to join us for a celebration of his life on Saturday, February 24 at 10AM. 
B.D. loved baseball hats, and the family invites you to wear a hat, if you choose, to the service. There will also be a large collection of B.D.’s favorite hats, which the family invites you to take with you as a memory of B.D.
B.D. was a pillar of our church community–always first to arrive on Sunday mornings to set up the sound system, joking with Linc, Peter, Pastor Sarah and others, telling stories full of puns and understated humor. His love for sports was legendary, and if UNM or Ohio State had won an epic game that week, we were sure to hear about it!
B.D. worked closely with the band, musicians, and staff, and made sure that everything was “just right” for worship. He knew the ins and outs of every part of the sound system, and took the responsibility of running it seriously. He also knew the importance of passing along his knowledge – he taught several youth how to run our sound system, including Kerrie, John, and Ivan. He meticulously strung wires, color-coded mics, and created a complex organizational system in the sound room that allowed him and others to run services smoothly. 
He was a humble man who never once asked for compensation or recognition for his time and expertise. Even when he worked memorial services (and until recently, he worked every one), he always gave back anything he was offered and asked that it go to a fund for future sound system improvements.
He was creative, innovative, and above everything, generous. He was a strict, yet compassionate teacher and model for what it means to walk in God’s light. He will be dearly missed and remembered with joy!
Here are the words written by his family for his obituary:
Blynn D.Shafer, better known to his family and friends as BD (Bad Dog is what he liked to tell people) passed away at the age of 77 on February 4, 2018. Born in Columbus, Ohio he was a proud Ohio State University graduate who earned the opportunity to earn his master’s degree at University of New Mexico from Sandia National Laboratories. You could always hear him cheer “O-H-I-O!” or “Go Lobos!” at basketball and football games (even if they were on the TV at times).
Once in New Mexico, he met his wife Lou Ann, to whom he was married for over 50 years. They had a daughter Cindy, a son Sandy, and a granddaughter Sofia of whom he was immensely proud and would brag about to anyone who would listen. His sister Jean and his nieces and nephews Kelly, Sean, Matt, Ryan, and Katie were all people who he loved and cared for very much throughout his life.
Sandia National Laboratories is where he spent 36 years devoting his intellect as an electronic engineer. The projects he worked on were diverse: an early insulin pump, solar energy, and a radar system that ensured the safety of soldiers and civilians are just a small sample of these.
BD belonged to many to many groups and organizations that were equally diverse . Harmony Class at Central United Methodist Church, The Albuquerque Boat Club, and the coop of his local community benefited from his talents and leadership.
Cars were another passion of his. He had many cars over his lifetime, and despite what he said at time enjoyed fixing, rebuilding, or just admired them from a distance. This led him to work with a lifelong friend to develop an electric timing and scoring system that could be used by the World of Outlaws Sprint Cars organization. What adventures he had traveling around the USA following them.
Charity was just as important to him. He always rooted for the underdog.He used his knowledge and talents to check and fix appliances at the Habitats for Humanity Re-Store so that they could be sold to help raise money to build houses for people that maybe couldn’t afford them otherwise. He and his wife traveled to New Orleans 3 times to help rebuild houses that were damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. He also volunteered his time at the Church of the Good Shepherd as a sound engineer to ensure that the word of God and music could be heard by all.
Bad Dog wasn’t bad. He was a great man who wanted to make everyone’s lives better in some way. One of his greatest joys in life were puns. So we leave you with this…”How do angels greet each other?  They say…Halo.”
In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you make a donation to the new sound system at

Church of the Good Shepherd.
Please continue to keep Lou Ann, her children, and our church community in your prayers. 
With love,
Sarah TevisTownes