Council Renews Passion and Commitment to Fight Childhood Hunger

Almost 1/3 of children in New Mexico will go to bed hungry tonight. One out of three!!!

We at Church of the Good Shepherd take seriously the command from Christ to “Feed the hungry,” and so, after conversation at the Council retreat, we voted to make the issue of childhood hunger our church’s issue.

We committed to becoming experts in this area, learning as much as we can and doing whatever we can to not only feed the hungry, but eliminate the sources of hunger. We are already known as a church that offers extraordinary hospitality. We are already known for our work to feed the hungry through our service with Project Share, East Central Ministries, Family Promise, Casa Q, and the East Mountain Food Pantry.

We committed to expanding our work and our impact beyond just direct service to include education and advocacy–connecting with our neighbors and organizing our community for change.

We will have a “Meeting of the Minds” on September 16, following worship (we’ll meet after BOTH services, so join us in the sanctuary following the 9AM or 11AM service), to discuss the resources we already have and how we might be able to bring them together. We will also be talking to the Sandia Homeowners and other community groups in our area about how we might partner with them to do even more work.

You may have more connections and resources than you know. Do you know someone already working to end food insecurity? Are you a part of a fraternity, sorority, or service organization that volunteers with children? Do you know someone at the state house who can teach us how to better talk to our representatives? Do you know about other faith communities doing this work? Do you know how to write grants or have a friend who does? Do you have a degree or background related to childhood welfare? Do you know anything about gardening? Have you been (or are you currently) a family facing food insecurity that would be willing to advise the church on what you need most? Are you unsure how you can help but want to brainstorm with us anyway?

Join us on September 16 and share with us! We need your ideas and presence. Together, we can make a difference!