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We Worship Through Music

The mission of the music program is to open the way for worshipers to enter into a more intimate relationship with God.

During our temporary closure due to COVID 19, our musicians are performing from the safety of their homes. Enjoy the music from the 11:00 am service on August 2, 2020. 

At Church of the Good Shepherd, UCC, our music program provides quality music that supports the scripture readings, sermon topic, and the worship theme for our services. Our Director of Music meets regularly with the Pastor and the Committees for Worship and Creative Arts to plan and integrate music into all worship services. 

Community musicians from New Mexico and beyond, both vocal and instrumental, are invited to perform with choirs for special events, such as our Advent cantata, and Christmas Eve and Easter services.


Vocal choirs include the Chancel Choir, Tenor/Bass Chorale, and Treble Ensemble. Music selections pull from the historic repertoire, including gospel and spirituals, as well as the modern era, with current composers and arrangers such as Tom Trenney, Ola Geilo, J. Randall Stroope, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and many others. Our Chancel Choir rehearses on Thursday evenings September through May; smaller ensembles meet before Chancel choir on a rotating basis.

Francesco Durante's "Magnificat" performed on December 15, 2019. To view the entire performance, click the button below. 

View Magnificat Performance

View the performance on Easter Sunday, 2019 by Church of the Good Shepherd's Chancel Choir and Ensemble performing an original arrangement by our composer in residence, Fran Clark. 

Woman Why Are You Crying?

Joyful Noise Bell Choir

The bell choir typically consists of 12 bell ringers.  They perform at least one piece each month during the 11:00 am service from September through May and occasionally play during the 9:00 am service. The bell choir performs a wide variety of musical compositions, including pieces with added percussion, and other instrumentalists. Enjoy this performance of our Joyful Noise Bell Choir on Easter Sunday, 2019. 

Joyful Noise Bell Choir

Summer – Special Music

While Chancel Choir is on break, music for worship includes soloists and ensembles from the music department, as well as appearances from guest musicians. The Treble Chorale and Tenor/Bass choirs each present music 2-3 times during the summer. 

Featured Flight Song, performed by the Chancel Choir, Guest Conductor: Derek Gilmour. 

VIEW Flight Song

Advent Cantata

During late Advent, the Chancel Choir presents a cantata, accompanied by a chamber ensemble. In recent years the choir has performed Bach’s Uns Ist Ein kind Geboren, Benjamin Britten’s Ceremony of Carols, Francesco Durante’s Magnificat, Conrad Susa’s Carols and Lullabies, Christmas in the Southwest, Kim André Arnesen’s Christmas Alleluias, works by Joel Raney and a variety of modern-era anthems, and most recently, Vivaldi’s Gloria in D, the latter being performed on December 23, 2018, during the 11:00 am worship service.

Christmas Eve

Special music is part of the Christmas Eve Service.  Anthems and hymns are coordinated with a unique script read by COGS members, portraying the Christmas story. Set in our beautifully decorated sanctuary, the result is a cohesive worship service that was inspiring to all the senses.


Easter is a musical occasion at the Church of the Good Shepherd. With Chancel Choir, Joyful Noise Bell Choir, brass, strings, piano and organ, and exuberant congregational hymns, the atmosphere resounds with jubilation.  Traditionally, opening the service is a lovely and moving anthem, “Woman, why are you crying” scored for soloists, choir, violin, and piano.  Written by Fran Clark, composer-in-residence, the work beautifully depicts followers being greeted at the tomb by the risen Christ, setting a powerful beginning for the joy to come. 

Music Program Staff

  • Linda Gilmour, Director of Music
  • Michelle Sault, Director, Joyful Noise Bell Choir
  • Dorenda Morse, Accompanist, and Pianist
  • Patricia Oakley, Organist
  • Lucien Daigle, Choral Assistant, and Vocalist
  • Fran Clark, Composer-in-Residence

Would you like to see more of our Music Ministry videos? Here are links to our Vimeo page and YouTube Channel.