Our Music Ministry includes several established, ongoing music groups, as well as occasional ensembles for special occasions.

Music Program

The COGS music program strives to provide quality music that supports the scripture reading, sermon topic, and worship theme for our worship services. The Director of Music meets regularly with the Pastor and the Committee for Worship and Creative Arts to plan and integrate music into all worship services. The mission of the music program is to open the way for worshipers to enter into a more intimate relationship with God.

Music Program Staff:

  • Linda Gilmour, Director of Music
  • Michelle Sault, Director of Joyful Noise Bell Choir
  • Dorenda Morse, Accompanist, and Pianist
  • Patricia Oakley, Organist
  • Lucien Daigle, Choral Assistant, vocalist
  • Fran Clark, composer – in – residence

Community musicians, vocal and instrumental, are invited to perform with choirs for special music events, such as the Advent cantata, Christmas eve and Easter.

Music Videos may be found on the COGS YouTube Channel.