MyCOGS was released April 28th!

MyCOGS IS NOT yet available via SMART PHONES!

From a PC or MAC, you can LOGIN by by entering your Username (or e-mail) and Password in the Login Status area (right hand column of this page), or by clicking the [Login to MyCOGS] button (below).  Usernames and Passwords were sent to members and friends April 28th.

Once you have logged in, the status of your Login will be displayed under LOGIN STATUS.

The MENU to all pages in MyCOGS is in the right hand column, above the login area.

You should log out when you finish.

All documents  in MyCOGS are Password Protected at LOGIN.  File level passwords are no longer required.

Questions About MyCOGS

Usernames and Passwords will be sent to COGS members April 28th On the MyCOGS page you can either click the Login Button, or simply enter your Username and Password on the form on the right hand side of the page.
You can always enter your email address instead of your username. The password for each is the same.
If you have forgotten your password, click the button "Forgot My Password". You will be prompted to enter your email. If you are in our system, your username and a new password will be sent to your email address.
If you have received a new password that is difficult to remember, you must login one time with that that password, and then you can click the "Reset Password" button. A form will display where you enter your new password. You must enter the password a second time to confirm, and then scroll to the bottom of the page and click UPDATE.
Once you have logged in, click reset password and change it! It is that simple.
If you attend COGS regularly, you can request to join MyCOGS by clicking the button "Join MyCOGS" and submit your request.
Everything that used to be on the Members Page (and MUCH MORE!) is now in MyCOGS. (Directories, Official Church Documents, etc.)
Send an email to our COGS website administrator: and she will try to answer your question.