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Welcome New Visitors

We're glad you're here!

We are a progressive, diverse community of faith, friendship, and service. We seek to serve God and walk in the ways of Jesus, the Christ, as best we can. Our goal is nothing short of loving, honest relationships with God and one another.

Our worship services are a time when we gather as a faith community to learn, express our joys, concerns, and share God's love. The moment you arrive, you can expect a heartfelt greeting—it's part of what makes us authentically friendly.

We celebrate Communion on the 1st Sunday of each month at both the 9 am and the 11 am services. All are invited to participate!

We transform lives

One of our Family Promise guests recently said, "We're strangers, and yet you've been so kind to us. This place is changing my heart. For the first time, I'm beginning to believe there are good people in the world."

Our Ministries touch lives far beyond what you see on Sunday morning. This year, God's love found expression by transforming lives in many ways. Youth in the Dominican Republic are learning leadership skills, homeless people are sleeping under warm blankets, children are receiving school supplies, hungry families have food, and homeless LGBT+ youth are safe. 

Sunday Services 

At Church of the Good Shepherd, worship services are a time when we gather as a faith community to learn, express our joys and concerns, and share God’s love.

9:00 am - Worship service; an intimate gathering with a sermon,  piano, and guitar

9:00 am - Contemporary Issues Discussion 

10:00 am - Contemporary Theology

10:00 am - That You May Know, Bible Study

10:00 am - Sunday School for Children

11:00 am - Worship service; prayers, liturgy, a sermon, organ, piano, and choirs

What To Expect

We strive to create a joyful, safe and welcoming environment in worship, and every aspect of our church life. We laugh a lot! We honor God with music from a broad spectrum of cultures and languages. In preaching, our pastor seeks to be comforting, challenging, thought-provoking and inspirational.


Reserved Visitor parking spaces are located on the right side of the parking lot directly opposite the entrance to the church.

Arrival Time

Many people arrive 15-20 minutes early. Our ushers will make you comfortable and can help with children's check-in if needed. 

What to Wear

Be comfortable and be your yourself. Whether you prefer flip-flops or high-heels, jeans or a suit, come as you are, we're just happy you're here.

Worship Style

Worship services are a time when we gather as a faith community to learn, express our joys and concerns, and share God'ss love. Our congregation is authentically friendly and welcoming to all. 

Teaching Style

Our pastor seeks to be comforting, challenging, thought-provoking, and inspirational. We take the Bible seriously, but not literally. 

Safe Church Policy

The members of Church of the Good Shepherd, United Church of Christ (COGS) are committed to creating and maintaining a safe place in which members, friends, staff, officers and volunteers can worship and work free of all forms of discrimination, harassment, and exploitation or bullying. This policy is intended to protect our youth and vulnerable people of any age; to create an environment that protects children and adults from harm and promotes their spiritual growth. A safe church includes the maintenance of a safe, hygienic physical environment conducive to the physical health and well being of all who use the facility. Our church is and will be a safe place.

Our Safe Church Policy is available for download here. 

More Questions? 

Pastor Sarah is available for appointments. Our Church administration team can also answer many questions. Please call, (505) 856-1004. Office hours: Mon-Fri 10 am - 2 pm.

Children are welcome here

We love and honor children, and they are welcome at all services; we have bags with coloring, books, and toys for children who stay in our worship services. 

During Sunday services, Pastor Sarah gives a special children's message. Professional childcare for children 5-years and under is available from 8:45 am – 12:15 pm. Should families, accompanied by young children, require a quiet space to enjoy the 11:00 am service, the Hospitality Room across from the sanctuary broadcasts the service.

Childcare is available from 8:45 - 12:15.