” I  do! “

Legally Married after 30 years!

Legally Married after 30 years!

Church of the Good Shepherd has been celebrating marriages for decades, including weddings for same-sex couples, and we would be honored to celebrate your special day with you and with God!

We recognize that each couple is unique, and we encourage you to work with our pastor to customize your ceremony. Pre-Marital Counseling is available (and encouraged!) for couples getting married at Church of the Good Shepherd. Exceptions are sometimes made for couples getting legally married after many years of partnership.

We have several spaces for weddings, including a small parlor, a spacious sanctuary with views of the Sandia Mountains, a Native-American-style kiva, and an outdoor courtyard. Two wedding reception spaces, the Hospitality Room and Fellowship Hall, are also available.

A couple is married in the Sanctuary.

Outdoor wedding  in the Kiva