SW Conference – Inspiring Generosity Workshop – Aug 26, 2017

Saturday, August 26, 10 am – 2 pm

Church of the Good Shepherd, UCC

You are invited to join us at the Church of the Good shepherd, UCC for a thought provoking and educational workshop led by Southwest Conference Minister Rev. Dr. william Lyons.     See Photos from the Workshop

As churches and their stewardship teams prepare for their annual “pledge” campaign, Bill will lead us into an understanding of the paradigm shift that is happening in churches; the move from a culture of giving to a culture of generosity.

During the workshop Bill will cover such areas as:

  • What is giving vs generosity?
  • How does money follow mission?
  • Why is it hard to talk about money in church?
  • How can we envision an image of God that is a God of abundance, and let go of our scarcity thinking?

This workshop is for pastors, stewardship teams, laity, and anyone else interested in the financial health of their church.  All are invited and lunch will be provided.

Reservations are required.

Please call the church office or e-mail our church administrator to reserve your space.

Church of the Good Shepherd, UCC

7834 Tennyson St. NE  Albuquqerque, NM 87122

(505) 856-1004   M-F  10am – 2 pm

E-mail:  cogs@ucccogs.org