At Church of the Good Shepherd, worship services are a time when we gather as a faith community to learn, express our joys and concerns, and share God’s love.

We love and honor children, and they are welcome at all services; we have bags with coloring, books and toys for children who stay in worship. Most families with children attend the 11 am service, but there is a children’s message at both services. Professional childcare for children 5 and under is also provided from 8:45 am – 12:15 pm. The Hospitality Room across from the sanctuary also broadcasts the service.

We dress casually, and greet new and regular worshipers alike, with warmth and kindness. We strive to create a joyful, safe and welcoming environment in worship, and every aspect of our church life. We laugh a lot! We honor God with music of the highest quality, and from a broad number of cultures and languages. In preaching, our pastor seeks to be comforting, challenging, thought provoking and inspirational.

 Sunday Worship Schedule:

9:00 am:  The 9 am service is a small (10-20 people), intimate service with guitar and piano. It typically lasts 30-45 minutes. Music includes hymns, folk music, and contemporary songs. There is also a sermon, although it is occasionally a more abbreviated version of the 11 am sermon. This service is “fragrance free,” which means we voluntarily choose not to wear perfumes, colognes, and other artificial scents that affect our members with smell and chemical sensitivities.

11:00 am:  The 11 am service fills the sanctuary (80-120 people), and includes organ, piano, and choirs. Our choirs include a bass choir, a treble choir, a mixed choir of 35+ voices, a bell choir, as well as small ensembles. We also regularly feature special music from guest soloists and groups. This service also includes prayers and liturgy associated with a “traditional” worship service. As worship services go, it is still more informal than many you may have attended.