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September 17, 2023, Sermon: Pastor Sarah Tevis Townes and guest speaker, Marshall Martinez, Executive Director of Equality New Mexico

September 10, 2023, Sermon: Pastor Sarah Tevis Townes

Our Pastor, Rev. Sarah TevisTownes pictured above with Molly her beloved Service dog. 




Contemporary Theology - Sundays at 9:30 AM


Ecotheology: A Christian Conversation

Edited by Kiara Jorgenson

and Alan G. Padgett


We'll be discussing how should Christians respond to the climate crisis and widespread pollution of earth’s water and air? How might Christian communities think about human responsibility to other living creatures?


Here's what one of our Contemporary Theology group wrote...

“We are all friends around this table. All equals. All unique. All welcome. Who we are is who we are. There is no need to pretend. Some of us have a lot of beliefs and very few doubts. Some of us have a lot of doubts and very few beliefs. Some of us love God, but we’re not sure about Jesus. Some of us love Jesus, but we’re not so sure about God. Some of us aren’t very sure about anything, and others feel very sure about almost everything. Some of us gladly call ourselves Christians. Some of us barely call ourselves Christians. Some of us once were Christians, but not anymore. Some of us aren’t sure we ever were Christians, or aren’t sure what that means, or whether it matters. But this we share: we welcome one another to this circle just as we are, for we all are part of one web of life on this precious planet in this amazing universe.”



What people are saying...

Pastor Sarah is spreading the seeds of justice, compassion, and love on TikTok, bringing hope and inspiration to hundreds  of thousands.  Her humerous, thought provoking, and forthright messages are reaching people around the world who hunger for the Good News. 


Nonbinary folks are a reflection of God too! Maybe ppl will listen to this old white guy. ##enby ##nonbinary ##progressivechristian ##progressiveclergy

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